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Christian Worker Suing NHS-Backed Care Firm Which Rescinded Job Offer

A devout Christian social worker is suing a care firm for rescinding his job offer of £25,000 per year due to his views on homosexuality. The Mail has more.

Felix Ngole, 46, was thrown off a social worker training course at Sheffield University following his Facebook post which quoted passages from the Bible about same-sex marriage.

But in a major victory for free speech, he was allowed to return to his training when the Court of Appeal ruled in 2019 that Mr. Ngole would “never discriminate against anyone” because of his personal views. …

Mr. Ngole had initially been offered the role as a mental health support worker in 2022 after performing well at the interview, but the offer was rescinded weeks later when the firm discovered he had been involved in a previous landmark free speech case. …

Mr. Ngole claims that when Touchstone found out about the case, he was called to a second interview where he was questioned about his beliefs.

He claims he was told that the job offer would be rescinded unless he could prove how he would “embrace and promote homosexual rights”.

Mr. Ngole was also allegedly told that his beliefs did not “align” with Touchstone’s ethos as an “inclusive employer” and that he risked damaging the firm’s reputation.

Despite the Christian worker trying to convince Touchstone he had never been accused of forcing his beliefs on anyone or discriminating anybody, the offer was eventually withdrawn.

He is now launching claims of direct discrimination, harassment and breaches of the Equality Act 2010 against Touchstone.

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