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Caveat Emptor – The Alarming Health Dangers of Consuming Fake Meat!

By Paul A. Philips

Recently, we’ve seen the unelected globalists pushing for lab-grown plant-based fake meat. They want to foist this alternative on us while opposing our eating of farm-based real meat produce.

Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates compete with each other as both have made sizable investments in related animal-cell, lab-grown fake meat projects… The Bezos Earth Fund claims that there is a need to set up centres for “sustainable protein.”

What does that exactly mean?? It’s funny, but every time I hear the word “sustainable” from these globalists I feel immediate mistrust. For example, some might say, whatever Bill Gates advises, do the opposite!

The globalists claim that we need to reduce our real meat consumption, while demonizing farmers, trying to take over their farmland and stop natural food farming production.

All done under the guise of lowering our carbon footprint to reduce the “climate change threat” with its distorted facts, unproven science, and their so-called solutions are environmentally counterproductive.

Counterproductive because the globalists don’t really care about the environment: Ultimately, it’s a scam. It’s not about caring for we-the-people. It’s not about science. It’s a money and power grab for the New World Order.

As an example, in counter-productiveness, it has been shown that the animal-cell, lab-grown fake meat products instead of lowering, raise the carbon footprint (see video at end).

Do you think that these globalist billionaires will be eating their lab-grown fake meat products? No, they’ll be eating natural farm-based food. These communist-based fake-meat products are intended for us, the proletariat.

And what about the bugs they have planned for us to eat??

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