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Do you see a red pill or a blue pill? Facebook reveals optical illusions that fool the brain into thinking virtual reality is REAL (the same as our simulated ‘human’ reality that we are manipulated to believe is real)

Classic science fiction film The Matrix depicts a future in which humans experience the world in a simulated reality.

But if Facebook has its way, this fiction could become fact.

Michael Abrash, chief scientist from Facebook-owned virtual reality (VR) experts Oculus said The Matrix provides the best sense of what virtual reality could someday be like.

And he used optical tricks to prove that we are merely ‘inference machines’ and the world we see now is already an illusion.

The comments were made at the social network’s annual F8 conference in San Francisco.

‘While science fiction novels gave me the conceptual framework for thinking about VR, it was The Matrix that made me believe in it,’ Mr Abrash said.

‘Even though it was based on technology that won’t exist for decades, if ever, The Matrix gave me a deep sense of what VR could someday be like.

‘Not only how real it could be, but also how exciting it would be to bend and stretch that reality.’

In particular, he quoted a speech made by character Morpheus.

Summing up what’s truly unique about VR, the character, played by Laurence Fishburne, says: ‘What is real? How do you define real?

‘If you are talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.’

‘Unlike Morpheus, I’m not offering you a choice,’ said Mr Abrash. ‘No matter what choice you pick, we’re all headed down the rabbit hole together.’

This refers to the pills offered to Neo in The Matrix. If he takes the blue pill the story ends and he is told he will wake up in his bed and ‘believe whatever he wants to believe’.

Taking the red pill means he stays in The Matrix.

Mr Abrash continued that most people focus on the ‘virtual’ in virtual reality, but we should be focusing on the latter.

‘Morpheus made two critical points with his sentence: our conscious minds never actually interact with the real world and that we interact with sensors on our eyes, ears and tongue, and throughout our body. This is just a very small subset of the real world.’

He gave the example of vision. Humans only have three colour sensors, we can’t see infrared or ultraviolet and we have a blind spot in each eye.

‘Our visual data is actually astonishingly sparse and even if we were able to accurately record and process every photon that reaches our eyes, we’d still have too little data to be able to reconstruct the world accurately,’ he said.

He used the recent black and blue/white and gold dress as an example.

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