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Declassified UK REVEAL: Over 100 Britons Among Israeli Soldiers and Settlers

At least 80 British nationals were serving in Israel’s military a month before October 7, the UK Foreign Office has confirmed. The British government just admitted it knows a large number of UK nationals have joined the IDF or are living on illegally occupied Palestinian land. So is it going to stop them? Our chief reporter Phil Miller breaks down his latest investigation into Britain’s complicity with Israel’s atrocities in Gaza and the West Bank.

Who are the Israeli setters? See here Who Are Israeli Settlers and Why do They Live On Palestinian Lands


By Phil Miller Declassified UK

The British government knows a large number of UK nationals are fighting for Israel or living in illegal settlements. Is it going to stop them?

The department also holds records on “approximately 20-30 British Citizens residing in illegal settlements in the West Bank.” David Cameron’s staff released the data this month in response to a freedom of information request filed by Declassified UK in November. They took so long to answer that the Information Commissioner threatened to have the High Court hold them in contempt.

The request was sensitive because the government had previously told parliament it does not track the number of Britons serving in the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) or living in illegal settlements.

The disclosure suggests parliament was misled. It will put pressure on Lord Cameron to take action against more than 100 Britons likely to be violating international law.

Israel’s settlements on Palestinian land in the West Bank contravene Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which states: “The Occupying Power shall not deport or transfer parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies.”

Last month, the UK government sanctioned four “extremist Israeli settlers”, but declined to clarify whether they were UK passport holders.

Service in the IDF carries its own legal complications, especially while Israel is under investigation for genocide at the International Court of Justice. See also BRITISH FIGHTERS IN ISRAEL’S MILITARY: IS IT LEGAL?

Misleading parliament

Cameron’s deputy, Andrew Mitchell, told parliament just before Christmas: “We are aware of reports of UK citizens travelling to fight for the Israel Defence Force (IDF), but the Government does not estimate the numbers of those who have done so.”

Mitchell made the same statement twice, while answering two questions from Labour’s Afzal Khan MP.

The government has made similar denials in respect of settlers. Junior foreign minister David Rutley was asked last April by Kenny MacAskill MP “what estimate he has made of the number of Israeli settlers in the West Bank who hold British citizenship.”

Rutley replied: “The Foreign Secretary has made no such assessment.”

The freedom of information response to Declassified seems to contradict these claims.

In it, the Foreign Office said: “We hold a record of British National lone soldiers in Israel, which according to the Israeli MFA [foreign ministry] as of September 2023, was 80.

“However, this is not the number of British Nationals serving in the IDF, this is the number of British Nationals who immigrated on their own, in order to serve.”

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