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The Most Censored Subjects On Earth: The Trilateral Commission, Technocracy & Transhumanism

While everyone else whines about being censored over trivial news stories, the most important themes are being obliterated. Why? Because the threat of exposure is too great for the evil agenda of Technocrats and Transhumanists. For over 50 years, Technocrats and the designers of the so-called “Technetronic Era” and the “New International Economic Order” have operated under the cover of anonymity. You can see the big artillery of the Trilateral Commission swoop in to destroy any person or organization who gets too close.

In 1977, Professor Antony Sutton was drummed out of the Hoover Institution at Stanford over his investigative work on the Trilateral Commission. The President of Stanford was David Packard, a member of the Trilateral Commission. When our books, Trilaterals Over Washington Vols. I and II, broke through major publicity barriers in 1981, the national book chain B. Dalton Bookseller sent out a memo to all its stores around the country saying that “The publisher is out of business and the books were out of print” — a bald-faced lie. A director of B. Dalton’s parent company was a member of the Trilateral Commission. In both cases, the action was swift and definitive: It destroyed Sutton’s academic career, my publishing business, and our reputation.  Thereafter, no bookstore in the country would carry our books.

Simply put, we got too close.

Other serious journalists and writers who covered other topics occasionally got a swat, but they were not a threat to the “establishment.” We were singled out for annihilation.

Over the years, this story has been suppressed.  People’s attention is drawn to every other topic under the sun but to not this one! The Trilateral Commission hates publicity even though it is hiding in plain sight.

Nevertheless, Sutton and I wrote in April 1979 that the Trilateral Commission was:

…a shadow world government – unelected and almost unrecognized. It will no doubt be followed in due course by another global elitist institution designed to knit together the nine “core countries” more closely, but not fully, into a single world state.

This was plainly obvious to us where they were headed, so much so that we concluded (in print) at the time,


    • TOTALITARIAN: there is no hint of citizens’ participation or of citizens’ sanction of the Commission or its members. All members are appointed by a small founding group.
    • REPRESSIVE: Trilateral objectives take precedence over human rights.
    • SELF-SERVING: the studies and commissions promoted by Trilateralists reflect Trilateral aims, i.e., the aims of its members.
    • SUBVERSIVE: the present U.S. Constitution is not acceptable to U.S. Commissioners. They have called for a revised Constitution, which will presumably assist Trilateral aims and objectives.
    • SECRET: implementation of Trilateral policies is protected by U.S. government security laws.

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