Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 30 March 2024

Have we reached peak insanity? Nowhere near!

March 22, 2024

ONE of the things people most often ask me in the street is ‘How much worse is this going to get?’ I usually smile wryly and reassure them that we are near the summit of the hill and the madness will subside soon and encourage them to ‘hang in there!’

In truth, my fear is that we are nowhere near peak insanity. The pernicious indoctrination of generation after generation of children in our schools by activists masquerading as teachers ensures that every year new comrades are belched out of schools into the workplace. With homosexuality intolerance and discrimination all but defeated and thankfully no longer an issue, ‘third party’ sex educators and perverted billionaire activists have moved on to a ’cause’ that lacks any justification – grooming our children into a gender ideology that denies ‘heteronormativity’, as they call it – to whip up new waves of social and psychological confusion. Over the last 10 years in particular activist groups have specifically targeted schools to push their transgender agenda (with Department for Education’s sanction) although the government itself has conceded it is a contested cultural and political ideology.

I saw this in my own sons’ RSE lesson plans, which taught children that they may not be the ‘gender’ they were ‘assigned’ at birth and other such demonic lunacy. Firstly, as others far smarter than me have pointed out, ‘gender’ is just temperament. We all have a different one, hence why there are about a thousand or so ‘gender identities’ floating around playgrounds and workplace cafeterias. This craven modern religion which thrives in celebration of narcissism ahead of individuality would have seemed insane just a few short years ago, but now it is de rigueur amongst the lost generation of 25-to-35-year-olds, who have been told that it’s not what they think which defines them, it’s what they are offended by.

Which leads me on to another thing I have worked out. When those lovely people with hope and desperation in their eyes ask me, as if I am some kind of prophet, when this madness will subside, my senses tell me that Western culture is in a near-terminal death spiral, and as much as I admire those who seek political solutions to cultural problems, I don’t think there is one. The only solution to a cultural problem is a cultural one.

In pursuit of this, on Monday the Bad Law Project, which I founded in 2022 alongside a barrister and a solicitor, dropped off filings at the High Court in London for permission to seek a judicial review to prevent the political indoctrination of our children in schools. The government themselves have admitted that gender ideology is an ideology, ideologies are by their very nature political, so why after all this time and promised guidance is this illegal rot still being dropped like poison into children’s ears? Why are kids being ‘socially transitioned’ by experimental yet devoted activists behind their parents’ backs in school? It is shocking. And all of it happening under the lazy gaze of an idea-less and dying Conservative government.

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