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China Could Remotely Control British Electric Cars and Bring Cities to a Standstill, MPs Warned

The Chinese Government could bring Britain’s roads to a standstill by remotely stopping Chinese-made electric cars, MPs have been warned. The Mail has more.

The possibility of China remotely controlling EVs and stealing drivers’ data presents a “major security threat” that could be exploited if its relationship with the U.K. badly deteriorated, an expert claimed.

Sales of electric cars made by Chinese manufacturers have been rising and Beijing plans to expand its EVs to Europe.

Professor Jim Saker, President of the Motor Industry, told MPs that electric vehicles “flooding” into Britain could be “the most effective Trojan Horse” at the Chinese Communist Party’s disposal.

Professor Saker made the claims in a report submitted to Parliament’s National Security Strategy Committee, which examines threats to the U.K.’s economic security.

The expert, who is also Director of the Centre for Automotive Management at Loughborough University, warned Chinese-made electric cars could give spies access to “big data” as well as personal data.

“We know that at the moment connected vehicles can be stopped remotely,” he wrote in a submission reported by the Times.

“If this happened on a motorway at 70mph and the automatic braking system was applied to a vehicle the traffic would simply pile in the back. If this occurred at strategic points it could gridlock cities.

“Chinese-connected EV’s flooding the country could be the most effective Trojan horse that the Chinese establishment has to impact the U.K.”

China is home to BYD, the world’s bestselling manufacturer of electric cars. The firm sold 526,409 EVs in the final quarter of last year, compared with 484,507 for Tesla.

Former MI6 chief Sir Richard Dearlove is among those warning of the potential threat they pose, and recently called on the Government to consider banning Government ministers from using Chinese-made electric vehicles.

Last year former Tory leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith claimed Chinese tracking devices had been installed on Rishi Sunak’s official car, although Number 10 declined to comment.

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