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Heart-pounding audio of Baltimore cops rushing to stop traffic going over Francis Scott Key Bridge as it collapsed after being hit by the Dali: ‘The whole bridge just collapsed… I can’t get to the other side!

This is the harrowing audio of Baltimore officials as they rushed to stop traffic on the bridge seconds before it collapsed after being struck by a cargo ship.

The ship’s crew issued a mayday call moments before the crash took down the Francis Scott Key Bridge on Tuesday morning, enabling authorities to limit vehicle traffic on the span, Maryland‘s governor Wes Moore said.

About 90 seconds after they mayday call, another is heard on the audio reporting the bridge has collapsed.

‘There’s a ship approaching that just lost their steering so until we get that under control, we’ve got to stop all traffic.’

‘The whole bridge just fell down. Start, start whoever … everybody. The whole bridge just collapsed,’ they said.

Another person then says: ‘I can’t get to the other side, sir. The bridge is down.’

The ship struck one of the bridge’s supports, causing the structure to collapse like a toy. It tumbled into the water in a matter of seconds — a shocking spectacle that was captured on video and posted on social media. The vessel caught fire, and thick, black smoke billowed out of it.

With the ship barreling toward the bridge at ‘a very, very rapid speed,’ authorities had just enough time to stop cars from coming over the bridge, Gov. Moore said.

‘These people are heroes,’ Moore said. ‘They saved lives last night.’

The crash happened in the middle of the night, long before the busy morning commute on the bridge that stretches 1.6 miles  and was used by 12 million vehicles last year.

The six people still unaccounted for were part of a construction crew filling potholes on the bridge, said Paul Wiedefeld, the state’s transportation secretary. One of those rescued was taken to a hospital, he said.

Multiple vehicles also went into the water, although authorities did not believe anyone was inside.

‘Never would you think that you would see, physically see, the Key Bridge tumble down like that. It looked like something out of an action movie,’ said Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott, calling it ‘an unthinkable tragedy.’

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