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Evil that kills for no reason – young footballer murdered because he ‘bumped into’ these psychopaths

This is the disturbing moment two men hunted down and stabbed a talented footballer to death on a nightclub dancefloor on Boxing Day in petty retribution.

The attack occurred after one of the killers found him on Snapchat and vowed ‘revenge’ for accidentally touching him on the back during a night out two days earlier.

Video released by police from the night shows the footballer dancing in a group including his girlfriend Jess Chatwin and best friend Dan Vann before he was ambushed by 10 masked men.

Remy Gordon, 23, and Kami Carpenter, 22, were today found guilty of murdering 23-year-old Cody Fisher, who died in front of his girlfriend and best friend at the Crane nightclub in Digbeth, Birmingham, just before midnight on December 26, 2022.

Gordon took a photo of Mr Fisher and chillingly asked his friends ‘who knows this likkle pip squeeze…due to shank him up’ while trying to find him after the former Birmingham City academy player made ‘unavoidable’ contact at Popworld in Solihull on Christmas Eve.

CCTV footage shows the two men talking face to face at the club before Mr Fisher begins walking away and Gordon – who had wanted an apology but did not receive one – pulls him back.

Less than an hour after the encounter, Gordon sent messages in a Snapchat group he was in with friends including Carpenter and appealed for their help to identify Mr Fisher and threatened to ‘shank him up’.

He shared a photograph with an arrow pointing to Mr Fisher and asked ‘Who knows this likkle pip squeeze [sic]?’ before adding ‘man think he’s bad’ and ‘posh yout’.

Mr Fisher was attacked by a masked group at the Crane club in front of more than 2,000 people. The weapon – a zombie knife – was left buried in his chest after being smuggled in following cursory security checks.

His partner today told the BBC how she thought he had been ‘knocked out’ and tried to arrange him in the recovery position before she discovered the knife.

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