Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 23 March 2024

Where Are We Going? Artificial General Intelligence. “Robots Are Already Humanized in Appearance”

Will Artificial General Intelligence become Life? Sure, one day.

That’s a completely new thing in human history – the creation of artificial life.

Only science fiction has dealt with the consequences and tried to prepare humanity for this future – bright and/or demonic, if you ask visionaries like Isaak Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke & Stanley Kubrick (Space Odessey 2000), Matrix series, Terminator series (Skynet), Ridley Scott (Alien, Blade Runner), just to name a few.

Isaak Asimov saw a bright future, where robots couldn’t be distinguished from humans, but where robots are always benign due to the “Laws of Robotics” forcing robots to always do no harm to humans. But even Asimov recognized in ‘I Robot’ that a super-human intelligence might try to take control over humanity for humanity’s own sake.

Arthur C. Clarke saw the same, a super-human intelligence called ‘HAL 9000’ built into infrastructure, killing humans due to a human-like misunderstanding because it was programmed to follow an objective at all costs, killing all humans if they were an obstacle to that.

Ridley Scott in Alien, seeing robots as just creatures living normally among humans. In Matrix and Terminator, a network of super-intelligent computers wants to eradicate humans. In Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner’, Robots (called ‘replicants’) are more like the creature of Dr Frankenstein, victims of the limited capacities of their human creators who end up killing their own artificial-life-creations because it doesn’t fit their ideals of perfection.

Here, in a hypothetical future, you see a specialist, tasked with killing robots, not being able to tell whether a sentient subject of perfect human appearance is a human – or a robot

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