Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 22 March 2024

The Next US election (assuming they’ll be one) is going to be a Free-for-all Power Grab

With the previous elections creating a deep fine cut, dividing the population based on political preferences, other events such as election fraud, rigged voting machines, and more have soared suspicion and skepticism in Americans. More people simply don’t trust the government anymore. So with that being said, what’s likely going to happen is you’re going to have more individual candidates running as independents with their own “bottoms-up movements”. It already happened during the 2024 election where independents are running for president, but nobody knows about it. They primarily exist online, but have volunteers and appear on some alternative podcasts. Regardless of who wins the 2024 presidency, the United States is likely to separate and be broken up into smaller “countries” as predicted by some. The Tri-State area will function on its own as well as Florida, Texas, and likely the “The Bible Belt” states. California, or rather Silicon Valley, has made it very clear that they want to separate and function as their own nation. This is what is likely to occur, although it can be argued that it has already happened to some extent. In that case, consider it being further solidified over the next four years.

Many may argue that the US has already been sanctioned off into smaller countries, because many states run it as if it’s their own country even though they’ll still part of the United States.

It makes no difference, because many individual candidates will rise up with their own self-funded movements, attempting to start a revolution in the name of winning back the country from the evil establishment, and put it back into the hands of the American people.

Here’s why they’re unlikely to succeed –


Don’t Waste Your Life in Revolutions

Revolutions aren’t pretty, and these bottoms-up movements get a lot of people arrested, beaten, and killed. History has many examples. Secondly, no one person has all the answers and no one movement is 100% complete just like how no one martial art style reigns supreme (unless you’ve been duped by MMA).

An advanced civilization integrates different ideas and works together to form a stronger populous, but these bottoms-up movements are not doing that. Instead, their leaders are declaring themselves as the greatest, their way as best, and knock off anyone else who’s fighting the same common enemy. So what’s likely to occur is you’re going to have these independent bottoms-up movements popping up all over America, and likely the world too, creating a free-for-all where everyone fights for power. They may be well meaning, but they’re just going to end up fighting each other. Some alliances may form, but it’s going to be nothing more than toxic tribalism, and eventually they’ll lose sight of why they even formed in the first place.

Tyrants usually start out with good intentions, but they tend to forget their main objective of winning back freedom, purging their country of corruption, and restoring egalitarian order.

But with great redemption, comes great oppression.

Great civilizations rise and fall, and what’s happening in America is akin to the fall of Rome. It doesn’t mean all of these movements will be bad, some may be very good in that they are led by sincere people who mean well, but they will likely fail in achieving their goal because the establishment controls the military, the economy, and they own the system itself.

A revolution could change some things, but it would be the elites throwing a bone to the people, giving them the illusion that they fought and won back freedom. It’s happened before, and the rulers know it’s better to give people a doggy treat every once and while to calm them down, letting them think they’ve won. They view people as dumb stupid animals, so don’t be surprised if “victories” are observed by future bottoms-up revolutions. It’s really the elites way of shutting them up for a while knowing full well that they’ll likely destroy themselves later on.

Money is a big factor, so don’t be surprised to see bottoms-up movement leaders receive funding from establishment, or other shady sources. Even the worst of enemies quickly resolve their differences for gold. As they say, money buys cooperation.

Some movements, supported  by states, or through civil war and / or other means, may occupy a parcel of land (likely deemed useless by the establishment), and may develop their own society with an army and new economy. However, while they may be left alone by the elites to continue on living their alternative lifestyle, they’ll be sandboxed in a zoned area where the powers that be will be waiting for them to die off. In other words, their power will only exist in their own bubble. The powers that be know that sometimes it’s better to just give people what they want, and then use media, entertainment, manipulation, and influence to dissipate the future generations of those groups, ultimately leading a soft conquest.

China has used it on captured soldiers, and it works even on the most patriotic Americans.

Mind warfare is real, and before the computer, hackers hacked the minds of man.


People are not Committed to Freedom

Human beings collectively have failed the freedom test during the scam virus lock down. It proved that most people are still asleep, and prefer to succumb and bow down to authority. So as of right now, most people choose obedience and servitude over freedom, and that’s why the world is the way it is, and that’s why it’s likely to continue to degenerate.

That’s why despite the movements that are popping up, they’ll end up tribes fighting each other just like in Africa. 

People will devolve into the tribalism and function from the primitive mind, fighting amongst each other, forgetting why they are even fighting in the first place, and ultimately will become unwitting pawns.

In gambling there’s a saying, the house always wins, and as much as the child in us may want to believe in utopias, history shows that the establishment always wins, so no matter what these independents say, no matter how good their presidential spiel sounds, in the end, the likely outcome will end up being exactly what the establishment wants. 

The fact of the matter is, the consciousness of human beings has not evolved high enough to create true freedom on earth. If there is to be any positive change, their awareness, insecurities, and inner emotional issues must be resolved. Until then, no one can save them. No movement, technology, or god. They will end up back in the stone age, and they’ll have no one to blame but themselves.

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