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Shock poll shows Reform UK just FOUR POINTS behind the Tories and closing as Rishi Sunak begs his panicking MPs to ‘stick to the plan’

A shock poll showed Reform UK just four points behind the Tories today as Rishi Sunak begs his panicking MPs to ‘stick to the plan’.

YouGov research put the Nigel Farage-backed outfit on 15 per cent, up one over the last week.

Meanwhile the Conservatives were down one on 19 per cent, with Labour miles ahead on 44 per cent, according to the study for the Times.

Mr Sunak seized on a bigger-than-expected fall in inflation yesterday as evidence that his ‘plan is working’.

But he has been facing increasing unrest in his ranks, with persistent rumours of a bid to oust him and claims that Commons Leader Penny Mordaunt is ‘on manoeuvres’.

The lack of a Budget bounce and former Tory deputy chairman Lee Anderson joining Reform recently also jangled nerves.

The PM pleaded for unity last night as he addressed the backbench 1922 Committee ahead of looming local elections in May – set to be a critical indicator for an Autumn general election.

In a round of interviews this morning, health minister Dame Andrea Leadsom hit out at the ‘briefing and counter-briefing’ but denied the party is deeply riven.

Asked on LBC about the fractious state of the Tories she said: ‘You’re trying to assert that everything’s riven.

‘I’m just trying to explain to you, as I walk around Parliament, as I attend 1922 Committees, as I go into the members’ tea room, into the lobby, I do not see a party that’s massively divided.

‘There are one or two people who are trying to cause that division but what the Government is doing is trying to get on with the programme.’

She insisted Mr Sunak should not feel pressure to call an early ballot because opinion polls suggest the public want him out of No 10.

She told Sky News: ‘We have periodic general elections, and the Prime Minister has set out quite clearly an autumn timeframe.

‘You don’t call a general election just because there is a particular mood or a particular situation, that very, very rarely happens.’

Conservative backbenchers filing out of the closed-doors 1922 Committee meeting last night tried to put a brave face on the situation.

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