Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 22 March 2024

Make Cartoons Great Again

Some decades ago when the world was more sane, you could crack jokes without fear of being canceled. You could post stupid things on social media and express yourself in a silly way without worrying that your words would be manipulated and later used against you to destroy your career. However, some time along the way, society transformed where everybody has to bite their tongue and be mindful of their words. Watching everything they say or do for fear that it may offend someone has significantly contributed to the toxic artificial personas we deal with today. At colleges, students must constantly apologize for offending someone, even potentially hurting someone’s baby soft feelings, and employees deal with much of the same at the work place. This has created a new breed of men, the biggest threat to the establishment, and everybody is tiptoeing around what has now become sensitive topics. Most prefer to simply avoid discussing some things due to retaliation from authority. So what used to be funny is not socially acceptable today.

Hollywood mainstream entertainment clearly depicts Woke agendas and ideology, and it’s not even a secret anymore. Everyone knows it to some extent, yet ignores it. Perhaps this is why alternative programming is growing, but many of the so-called “independent” rebels, and even those claiming to be alternative, are simply pushing a different agenda. Social media has reconstructed its interface to push establishment narratives to morph your brain into becoming a politically correct dunce. People are tired of it and the controlled opposition.

But that has come to an end, at least in one industry.

So where does one go for laughs without being bombarded by subliminal Woke-ism?

There is an answer –


Cartoons, cartoons, and more cartoons!

Cartoons were meant for comical relief, to poke fun at society and popular culture. They were never meant to be taken seriously, but childish personalities always find something to take personally. When non-psychopaths see cartoons, they know as soon as they see them that it’s meant to be lighthearted. Still, some of the classic cartoons that people grew up loving have been censored, because they were allegedly racist and offensive.

Does this mean we have a world where entertainment must abide by the Woke agenda? Sure, if you work for the big names in the industry, but what about independent cartoon creators who truly are bottoms-up and have nothing to do with the establishment?

Can’t speak for others, but CRASSTOONS, is one of those with no ties to the status quo, because it’s time for bottoms-up movements to rise up from every industry to disrupt the agenda.

Outside individuals do not have to mince their words, nor bother themselves with the burden of politics. These nuances have butchered everything that defines not just American culture, but the very idea of freedom itself, so it’s time to break free. Independent creators don’t have to deal with internal pressure from their bosses who are also squeezed by corporate suits and skirts to produce that which is line with the agenda.

People have had enough of the social justice and elitist themes portrayed in films, shows, and entertainment in general. They demand authenticity, and yet again have been betrayed by the fake alternative media.

In essence, people are sick and tired of the sellouts, and want something real. CRASSTOONS is that new company without a puppeteer pulling the strings, and is dedicated to its art.


It is time folks:


  • To make cartoons funny again
  • To make cartoons politically incorrect again
  • To make people shamelessly laugh again
  • To make cartoons break boundaries again
  • and yes to make cartoons great again!


Take a peek at a free preview of cartoons that do not cater to politics, and pokes fun without bias. Enjoy cartoons as they were meant to be – comical, poetic, and most importantly, free of restrictions imposed by society.

We all need an escape from time to time, and cartoons is one of those limitless venues to let the mind wander into the realms of infinite possibility.

Join the fun, and don’t let global events steal your happiness.

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