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Musk And The Human Genome On mars – Richard Willett

Elon Musk is a polarising character, one that has most recently divided the alternative media. What was once a movement of alternative and free thinking journalists has, in many cases, diluted itself into a fanboy faction for the likes of Donald Trump and more recently Elon Musk.

Musk has had a strange life, and I personally have much sympathy for him. It seems he was raised in a home where his father was the bad cop who told him he was pretty much useless, whilst his mother did the opposite and told him he was special. That is a head fuck waiting to happen for anyone, and I have to wonder wether this was done on purpose as a soft form of Mind Control or personality programming?

Or perhaps much like most families, it was simply a dysfunctional household except with a bunch of money thrown into the mix and a drop of technocratic Transhumanism on top.

I am not a psychologist but to be honest some of the “trained” psychologists I have known have been nothing short of a bit mental. I even dated one who has a degree in psychology but is also diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. so forgive me if I think the entire industry is a bit shady, as mental health is not something you can test or quantify so its a pseudo-science.

Having said that you can see why someone like Elon Musk may believe himself to be some sort of saviour, as a trauma response to a father who was utterly vile and emotionally abuse on one hand, and a mother who idolised him on the other.

Technocracy and The Nazis

There are two specific bits of information that stand out to me in terms of why I believe it would be some what foolish to place your trust in Elon Musk, even if you were to believe his intentions were honourable.

The first would be that his Grandfather Joshua Haldeman was a leader of Technocracy Incorporated in Canada from 1936 to 1941. Technocracy Inc was a cult like faction that believed that technocrats and scientists would be the leaders of the future.

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