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Macho Macron: Buff French president poses for cringe-worthy black and white boxing photos as he tries to position himself as strongman of Europe standing up to Putin

French president Emmanuel Macron has posed for cringe-worthy black and white boxing photos as he tries to position himself as the strongman of Europe standing up to Putin.

The pictures were released by Macron’s official photographer Sazig de la Moissonniere and show the French leader in a boxing gym yesterday, where he flexed his muscles as he hit a punching bag.

His face set in a determined grimace, Macron aimed to show off his fighting spirit and determination after military experts said he is bidding to lead NATO as a ‘Napoleon’.

Macron’s cringe-worthy portrayal of strength with the boxing photos resemble similar attempts by Russian president Putin, whose office previously released photos of him beating an opponent in Judo, playing ice hockey or riding shirtless on a horse.

The pictures come amid repeated warnings by Macron, who said sending Western ground troops into Ukraine should not be ‘ruled out’ and urged European leaders not to be ‘cowards’ when it comes to the defence of Ukraine.

His comments on ground troops – a break from other NATO countries – caused alarm among Ukraine’s western backers, who have long viewed sending troops into the country currently besieged by Russia as a red line that must not be crossed.

What was meant to be a galvanising call from Macron to bolster support for Kyiv has instead driven a wedge between the EU’s two largest powers – France and Germany – with Berlin promptly affirming it would not be sending its troops to Ukraine.

Other key players in the European sphere of influence, including NATO members Britain and Poland, have also been quick to stamp out Macron’s suggestion.

Some welcomed the ‘strategic ambiguity’ of his remarks – the importance of never announcing your intentions to an adversary.

But Macron’s comments also prompted fierce rebuke from Vladimir Putin, who quickly threatened ‘weapons exist in order to use them’ in an interview on Russian state TV in reference to the possibility of deploying nukes should Western troops be deployed in Ukraine.

Macron chastised Putin for threatening the use of nuclear devices and reminded him France also has an advanced weapons programme in interviews with French media last week.

He also declared his nation ‘ready’ to use nuclear weapons in an uncharacteristically brash retort to Vladimir Putin following the latest bout of nuclear sabre-rattling from the Kremlin chief.

‘We must first and foremost feel protected because we are a nuclear power. We are ready; we have a doctrine (for the use of nuclear weapons),’ Macron told reporters, saying the Kremlin’s willingness to issue nuclear threats was inappropriate.

Having nuclear weapons ‘imposes on us the responsibility never to escalate,’ Macron said, in a dig at the constant reminders issued by top Russian officials and media personalities of their nuclear arsenal.

In some of his latest comments about the war, Macron said last week that a Russian victory in Ukraine ‘would reduce Europe’s credibility to zero’ as he again refused to rule out deploying troops.

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