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It’s Never Wrong to be Wrong When You’re Christian Drosten

The preview photo for my recent article on Christian Drosten and his links to viral research in Wuhan, and even Montana, comes from a remarkable June 2021 interview in the Swiss online magazine Republik. The full pic of Drosten in full protective gear and vaguely resembling the Michelin man can be seen below.

The interview is titled “Herr Drosten, Where Did This Virus Come From?” But it is less remarkable for what Drosten has to say on this topic than as a document of its times. For even though it was published not even three years ago, how times have changed!

Consider, for instance, Drosten’s response to the question of achieving so-called herd immunity through a combination of vaccination and infection. Drosten rejects the notion out of hand: in effect, pushing not just for 70% or 80% vaccination rates but for 100%.

“Everyone who does not get vaccinated, will get infected with SARS-2,” he says, thus clearly implying that those who do get vaccinated will not get infected or at least not as a rule. Those were the days when they still called them “breakthrough infections”, after all.

By just six months later, however, in January 2022, Drosten was claiming that everyone would have to get infected in order to achieve durable immunity – as if that had been the plan all along! In one of his regular “Corona Update” podcasts on German public radio, he would even “explain”:

The ideal immunisation is to have a full immunisation – with three doses – and then, on the basis of this immunisation, to get infected with the real virus for a first time and also a second and a third time.

Say what? In any case, Drosten appears to have taken his own advice, since, as reported on the Daily Sceptic here, in an interview last October he would note that he had “had three doses and been infected twice”.

Drosten would, of course, repeatedly insist that “hybrid” vaccine-induced and natural immunity is somehow superior to mere natural immunity or that vaccination was still worthwhile, since, he claimed, it reduced the severity of disease thus allowing people to get infected “safely”. But this was not the original claim, and, as the below screenshot from the European Medicines Agency summary document on the BioNTech-Pfizer “Comirnaty” vaccine reminds us, it is not what COVID-19 vaccines were authorised to do.

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