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Fury over ‘reckless’ plans to build 63,000 new homes in and around Milton Keynes as locals fear huge increase in properties will destroy picturesque countryside

Residents of rural Buckinghamshire have been left stunned after a new plan was revealed to build a stunning 63,000 homes in and around Milton Keynes.

The development will see the city – famed for its roundabouts – grow by more than half as parish councils are already being briefed on the City’s intentions for growth.

And while 15,500 are set to be added to the city itself, between 3,500 and 12,500 are earmarked to be added to countryside communities surrounding the ‘new town’.

These are set to be added to the landscape before 2050 as locals fight to protect their countryside.

It comes as Keir Starmer has promised to put up Georgian-style townhouses in urban areas and build a number of new towns by reclassifying chunks of green belt land as fit for development.

Conservative MP for Milton Keynes North Ben Everitt slammed the concept put forward by the Labour-Liberal Democrat council.

‘I will do everything in my power to fight for the people of Milton Keynes North and our beautiful villages to protect them against MK Labour and Keir Starmer’s reckless plans,’ he vowed to the MKCitizen.

Echoing concerns over infrastructure, he added: ‘You only have to look at the shambolic handling of Labour’s MK East development with all the traffic chaos caused in Newport Pagnell to know the Labour council should be nowhere near plans like these.

‘Our villages are a vital part of the heritage and history of Milton Keynes and swamping them with a huge new town of around 12,000 houses is simply unacceptable.’

It includes a new ‘town’ set to be built near the picturesque villages of Castlethorpe, Hanslope and Haversham.

Set in rolling countryside with idyllic churches and canals, the rural communities have a combined population of less than 5,000 people.

The new plan says 12,000 homes should be built in the area, with another 1,000 near plush Chicheley Hill, near Newport Pagnell and 3,700 in other existing villiages.

In October Labour Leader Keir Starmer set out his plans for a decade in power at the party’s conference in Liverpool, including a target of 1.5million new homes over five years.

At the heart of Starmer’s ‘big build’ is a controversial plan to release ‘low-quality’ green belt land such as scrubland and car parks for housing development, which Labour would brand ‘grey belt’.

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