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This Weak Tory Government Won’t Even Make Clear What a Woman Is (Just like Labour, Liberal Democrats and the Greens)

After many struggles and changes of policy over trans issues, the Government has now published its draft for consultation of the ‘Non-statutory guidance for schools and colleges in England over Gender Questioning Children‘. “Draft”, “consultation”, “non-statutory” and “guidance” are all politicians’ words, indicating that the Government doesn’t really want to tackle trans issues. It is not only the Labour party that dare not say what a woman is: the same question resulted in Rishi Sunak sounding like an inarticulate fool. One must remember that only a few years ago, steered by Maria Miller, our Conservative Government was charging ahead with gender self-identification.

The muddle in Government over what it prefers to call ‘gender questioning’ is of particular relevance to schools, where the lives of headteachers are currently being made impossible by repeated conflict between two ideological groups with completely different views about what defines a man or a woman. On the one hand there is the quiet majority of staff, pupils and parents who take the traditional line that basic biology defines whether a child is a boy or a girl. This group would, for instance, require biological girls to be referred to as girls, expect girls’ schools to contain biological girls only and allow biological girls alone to make use of girls’ toilets, changing rooms and girls’ sports.

On the other hand there is a vociferous and aggressive minority with, in the words of the guidance, views of “gender identity ideology, the belief that a person can have a ‘gender’ that is different to their biological sex”. Such views are linked to “a significant increase in the number of children questioning the way they feel about being a boy or a girl”. In practice this ideology would allow children to make their own choice as to what sex, what mixture of sex, or what absence of sex they might wish to have and go to whichever sex of school, facility or activity they wished. Such children often request that they be treated as if they are of a different sex from their biology, a process “often referred to as social transitioning”. Such social transitioning has led along the pathway to puberty blockers, often followed by surgical intervention to make a girl’s body look like a boy’s, or vice versa.

The conflict of these two ideologies has led to chaos within schools. Teachers have been sacked for ‘misgendering’ pupils, i.e., calling a biological girl a girl. A teaching assistant was sacked for sharing two Facebook posts that raised concern about transgenderism. A Church of England primary school allowed a four-year-old boy to join a Church of England school as a girl, causing consternation among his friends when they found out and he waved his willy about. Such is the potential for conflict and censure that no headteacher dare make clear decisions over such issues: they do their best to duck responsibility knowing that, whatever side they take, they will be attacked by the other. The guidance is kind enough to say that it appreciates “how daunting this is for school and college staff”.

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