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Asset management company creation and hedge funds registration: professional assistance from FinCzech

We provide a convenient way of purchasing a ready-made company or to create a brand new asset management company. By contacting us, you will receive full legal support in resolving hedge fund registration issues in the Czech Republic.

The professional FinCzech team assists in registering AMCs

The most optimal solution for rapid business development with access to the EU market would be to purchase a ready-made AMC that is registered with the Czech National Bank.

Fund registration:

  • Allows you to provide asset management services to investors;
  • Offers the opportunity to diversify investors’ investment portfolios and generate profits;
  • Opens up access to the most profitable investment options with the best prospects for capital growth.

We recommend considering ready-made firms and hedge funds.

Buying a company will allow you to avoid the formalities associated with the registration procedure and quickly obtain a company that best suits your specific requirements. We are ready to consult with you on any thematic issues that you might have. Our employees know all about the nuances involved with the company registration process and have experience delivering high-quality and quick preparation of the necessary documents.

Trust FinCzech – a reliable team of competent specialists.

The FinCzech team provides services for creating asset management companies, registering hedge funds, and forming funds

We provide professional assistance in fund formation, including consulting support, development of an optimal fund structure, statutory documents, and analysis of upcoming costs and benefits.

We provide a turnkey service for creating an investment fund

Advantages of creating a hedge fund:

  • Provides opportunities to minimize financial risks;
  • Not limited by regulatory requirements;
  • Allows you to combine investor capital;
  • Provides a wide range of investment strategies and the necessary tools to maximize income even in an unfavorable market situation.

Do you want to use the support of experienced lawyers?

By choosing us, there is no need to search for a top attorney. We work without intermediaries and are a direct registrar of investment funds in the Czech National Bank. Working with us will allow you to save personal time and money since there is no need to contact the a law firm. You can get competent answers to all of your thematic questions at FinCzech anytime. We provide comprehensive professional legal support for the high-quality and rapid creation of investment funds. Our team are ready to meet your expectations.

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