Posted by Sam Fenny - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 19 March 2024

Where Are the True Environmentalists?

We have had a week that has exposed the no-limits extremes of the climate campaign.

John Kerry, with his parting shot as Climate Czar, said that the world might feel better about Russia’s actions in the Ukrainian war if they lowered their climate footprint.

The depths of lunacy this reaches know no bounds. It is because of the actions of Kerry and his ilk in the administration Putin has the funds to fight the war in the first place.

In Germany, destroying an ancient forest to put up wind turbines is beyond any rational thought. First of all, you can wreck plenty of open spaces with the turbines. But the removal of 120,000 ancient trees, each taking away 50 lbs of CO2 for six million pounds a year, and the environmental cost of building these monstrosities should have every environmentalist up in arms. Do they realise the effect on the local climate? Forests are a great way to remove CO2 as I mentioned above, and are naturally cooler areas. So if you are afraid of CO2 (I am not, but understand you might be) this shows in no uncertain terms the depths of delusion these people are forcing on others. How this is even considered is beyond me. And if you are an environmentalist how are you not up in arms at this? You have a forest that has survived wars and turmoil. Germany’s forests are supposedly dying because of climate change, so they destroy more forests to prevent more climate change. How is this even considered or tolerated? This is just another matter that Dostoevsky was right about.

The covering of fields with solar panels could actually add to warming. The illustration means microclimates will indeed change. We see this all the time with cities. Not only is there an urban heat island (UHI) with downstream implications. For example, the Philadelphia UHI is a great place to start thunderstorms that then follow the three major highways, U.S. 30, U.S. 322 and the Atlantic City expressway ESE toward the shore. There are major differences in thunderstorm frequency at the NJ shore for instance north of Atlantic City versus south, more to the north enhanced by the effect noted above. But now imagine fields that were covered with cooling vegetation replaced with solar panels that can elevate temperatures to 70°C. Imagine the change to the environment in those areas. The vegetation and animal life be damned..

But this is because the people pushing this have no love of weather or climate. I have written about this several times. They simply use weather and climate to advance their mission. There is no rational thinking about this. It is getting so bad that the Dostoevsky quote above not only is evident in the irrational policies we are seeing enacted in non-climate issues, but is leading to some kind of disorder that is causing societal disruptions we are seeing, with climate protesters who are blocking roads or trying to destroy priceless art. Circle back to the destruction of the ancient forest. How is that so different from throwing orange paint on a priceless piece of art as far as an irrational action based on a phony mission?

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