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The joke ‘ferry’ from a joke council: ‘Embarrassing’ £3.5m Isle of Wight floating bridge which failed to carry out ’40 per cent’ of crossings will be axed seven years after opening

An ’embarrassing’ £3.5million floating bridge which has failed to carry out 40 per cent of the crossings it was designed for is to be scrapped after just seven years.

When it was first unveiled on the Isle of Wight back in 2017, Floating Bridge 6 was met with rapturous applause from delighted flag-waving locals.

However, the vessel – which charges a foot passenger £1, a car £3 and a Lorry £9 – has been plagued with issues ever since the first cars scraped the road as they disembarked the craft.

First established between East Cowes and Cowes in 1859, the 460ft journey is designed to stop users having to make the ten-mile trip via Newport.

However, the current chain ferry, Floating Bridge 6 – which needs a push boat to help overcome the strong River Medina current and runs at a ‘snail’s pace’ compared to its predecessor – has run into constant problems.

The council has been left red-faced with delays and break-downs, including one which required passengers needing a piggy-back onto dry land in 2017.

Last year a software problem disabled it for a month at the height of the summer holidays, losing the local authority more than £100,000 in the cost of repairs and lost revenue.

Now, at a cabinet meeting it was decided the latest ferry will be replaced having completed just ’60 per cent’ of what it was commissioned to achieve.

Floating Bridge 6 takes an average of three minutes and 30 seconds to make the 460ft journey – a minute and a half longer than its predecessor, Floating Bridge 5.

The executive cabinet body unanimously agreed the decision which has been ‘a long time coming’, according to Cllr Phil Jordan.

The authority leader said: ‘It is the start of a process we will have to go through but we have found a staged process which will enable us to bring the vessel forward more efficiently and quickly with a number of options coming forward.

‘This Island needs to know we are replacing the Floating Bridge.’

Karl Love, whose stint as councillor of East Cowes has coincided almost entirely with Ferry Bridge 6, clapped when Cllr Jordan read out the recommendations and said it was a ‘weight lifted off my shoulders’.

‘Remember this is not going to be a quick fix, this will be a few more years yet but there is light at the end of tunnel,’ he said.

‘Thank you for arriving at the beginning of the end. I am sure it will come as a great relief to taxpayers.

‘We cannot continue to shed millions and millions of pounds on this when it should have been dealt with earlier.’

Speaking afterwards, he said: ‘I came into office two weeks before it arrived and it’s been nothing but trouble ever since.

‘We were saying it’s not fit for purpose, too long, too heavy, broken down and collisions – it’s taken years.

‘We could have saved ourselves millions of pounds if they had made this decision long ago.’

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