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Outrage as it emerges Apple is ‘in talks’ to use Google’s ‘woke’ Gemini technology to power AI features in its new iPhones

The public is in an uproar after hearing Apple is ‘in talks’ to use Google‘s ‘woke‘ Gemini to power AI features in the upcoming iPhone.

A new report has claimed that the Cupertino-based company could tap Gemini to power iOS 18 features that would create images and write essays based on simple prompts.

The announcement means a ‘woke iPhone is coming up,’ according to the public who fear Gemini’s tendencies to generate images and chat responses with liberal biases will be unleashed to the smartphone.

The deal has some iPhone owners threatening to walk away from Apple if it goes through, and others believe it is simply ’embarrassing’ the smartphone maker had to  turn to Google as its AI provider

Google temporarily disabled the AI’s image-generating capabilities last month after it generated historically inaccurate pictures including Black Nazi soldiers and a female pope, and last week it came to light that Google had restricted Gemini’s ability to answer election questions.

The chatbot’s restrictions came after outraged users found it even more ‘woke’ than the AI generator – it refuses to condemn pedophilia, says some women have penises and claims straight actors can’t play gay roles.

Bloomberg News reported the possible deal between the two tech giants on Monday, citing people familiar with the situation.

The negotiations in question involve Apple licensing Gemini for some new features coming to the iPhone software this year, the report said, adding that the terms or branding of an AI agreement or how it would be implemented have not been decided.

It is unlikely that any deal would be announced until June, when Apple plans to hold its annual conference of developers, and the iPhone maker also recently held talks with ChatGPT-maker OpenAI about using its model, according to the report.

A potential deal between the firms could help Google expand the use of its AI services to more than two billion active Apple devices, boosting the search giant’s efforts to catch up with Microsoft-backed OpenAI.

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