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Elon Musk questioned on depression, his ‘prescription’ ketamine use and Trump in interview that had interviewer ‘fired from X’

Don Lemon‘s comeback show with Elon Musk saw the duo get into a tetchy exchange over his alleged heavy drug use, in a wide-ranging interview that included arguments over his Twitter habits and relationship with Donald Trump.

The former CNN anchor claimed last week that Musk was ‘so upset’ by the interview that he cancelled their deal to exclusively share the show on X.

In the wide-ranging grilling – which at times sounded more like a deposition than an interview – Lemon took issue with the Tesla CEO’s stance on woke ideology, racism, trans rights and drug use.

The pair frequently disagreed, and traded barbs about neither having ‘evidence’ to back up their claims. Musk told him that users on X would correct any discrepancies in real time as they watched the interview.

When quizzed over his prescription ketamine use, Musk appeared to take offense to Lemon’s questioning and said it is ‘pretty private to ask somebody about a medical prescription.’

As of Monday morning Musk has not responded to the release of the interview, however several commentators have waded in to condemn Lemon’s approach to the interrogation.

‘The Don Lemon interview is the worst piece of media I’ve ever seen,’ said commentator Benny Johnson.  ‘Nothing else even comes close. Offensive to the eyes & intellect… Oh this is painful.’

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