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Crackdown on Rogue Councils Over LTNs and 20mph Zones

Under a new Government plan, councils disregarding local opposition to low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) and 20mph zones risk losing their authority to issue penalties, as well as potential funding cuts. The Telegraph has the story.

The guidance, which will also require councils to “regularly review” existing schemes to monitor levels of local support, says: “Schemes should be adjusted if this reveals issues with performance and removed if they are shown to have failed to deliver as expected, including a failure to demonstrate local support.”

The Department for Transport (DfT) has also said new guidance will address concerns over bus lanes that cause delays, making sure that they only operate when that makes sense, such as when traffic is heavy enough to delay buses.

The statutory guidance on LTNs, due to come into force in the summer, is part of the plan for drivers drawn up after Rishi Sunak used an interview with the Telegraph last summer to launch a review of road policies and promise drivers that he was “on their side”.

His intervention came amid fears that motorists were being punished by schemes such as LTNs, which have become increasingly prevalent since the Covid pandemic. …

Separately, the Government said it was “strengthening” guidance on applying new 20mph speed limits to make it clear that such restrictions should be reserved for “sensible and appropriate areas only”, such as roads outside schools, “with safety and local support at the heart of the decision”.

Ministers will make it clear that failing to adhere to the separate guidance on both LTNs and 20mph limits could lead to future Government funding being withdrawn.

The Government is planning to launch a consultation on further measures that could be taken against councils flouting guidance on the issue, including removing their access to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) data used to enforce LTNs via camera footage.

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