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Priming, predictive programming and Hollywood

Throughout history, images and stories have played a crucial role in obtaining long-term control or influence over societies and cultures. The enchanting and captivating qualities of storytelling and mythmaking through fables, poetry and drama have proven to be a successful method of shaping public opinion for centuries.

In Ancient Greece, Plato recognised the same thing when he observed the charming abilities and alchemical-like powers of poets and rhetoricians over the hearts and minds of Greek citizens. These same storytellers and “image-makers” existed in Persia, Babylon and countless other empires.

With the advent of Hollywood and the silver screen, this alchemical tradition of poets and priesthoods took on new magical dimensions.

Recent revelations about the art world and the entertainment industrial complex’s connection with intelligence agencies have sparked interest in the secrets behind the Hollywood curtain.

In modern storytelling, new images are like shadows cast on the cave walls of the “silver screen.” These industries and their related online streaming services boast of many “good movies” with compelling storylines, dialogue, plots and character development – many of them essentially respecting the formal rules of Aristotle’s classic Poetics. But the impact of films on the collective imagination is a less talked about subject. Different films have presented various messages with varying degrees of subtlety.

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One clever, covert hypnotic technique involved in these forms of fiction is “priming.” People can be primed by watching others live out experiences, such as in movies, which allows them to dissociate from their own lives and immerse themselves in new narratives. This has led to a vast priming industry that offers various scenarios and dystopian futures for people to play out. But everyone knows it’s only fiction.

For example, in the latest ‘Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning I’, a rogue artificial intelligence (“AI”) entity assumes control over the world. It uses human beings as its avatars to play out various games and scenarios. No one is sure who or what is real, and multiple possibilities exist, but everyone is convinced that they must play the game, essentially deferring the question of greater reality to “the Entity.”

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