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This is your next government: What IS happening to Brighton? Roads full of potholes, failed LTN plan, a drug-fuelled homeless crisis and bins overflowing – while woke councillors ‘ignores’ furious locals to plough cash into ‘crazy pet projects’

Brighton and Hove City Council has been slammed for ploughing money into failed ‘pet projects’ while residents rage over potholes, overflowing bins and drug-fuelled homelessness.

The seaside resort’s tree-lined avenues, lush parks and stunning seafront promenade have attracted day trippers from London and visitors from farther afield for centuries.

The bohemian seaside town is also a hub for artists with Zoe Ball, Fatboy Slim, Adele, Steve Coogan and Cate Blanchett all calling it home at some stage.

But residents say the once-beautiful seaside resort is a shadow of its former self, ruined by a council – which has announced it will increase tax – that has wasted money on pet projects like banning weedkiller and a futile Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) scheme.

Litter, graffiti, uncollected bins, a huge homeless problem, potholes and a city-wide weed infestation are just a few of the things residents are enraged

And it doesn’t look like the problems are going away anytime soon as the council recently announced cuts to services and savings worth £30million.

Add complaints of open drug dealing, the constant smell of cannabis in the air, vandalism and fly-tipping and you get the sense of a crumbling city.

Now the Labour administration has announced a 4.99 per cent rise in council tax, the maximum increase councils are allowed to impose without holding a referendum.

They are also cutting services to the tune of £30million after council leader Bella Sankey said the authority’s finances were in an ‘extremely perilous position’.

Residents have been left in poverty by the cuts and increase in tax at a time of a cost-of-living crisis.

Labour seized overall power of the council last May and in the last six months has been forced into making embarrassing U-turns on several policies it supported while the council was run by the Greens.

A ban on glyphosate-based weedkiller in 2019 has had to be ditched after the city’s streets became infested with weeds.

The council also shelved a LTN scheme after residents and businesses in the proposed area near the city centre complained.

While it rowed back on plans to shut almost all of the resort’s public toilets after locals and visitors led a major backlash.

Jan Turner, who is a long-time Brighton resident, said: ‘These are the ills that affect lots of cities but are made much, much worse in Brighton by the council ploughing money into crazy pet projects.

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