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Chilling mystery as hordes of dead animals are dumped outside village shop just weeks after nearby primary school was also targeted – as terrified locals blame poachers and gangs ‘working for international gambling syndicates’

Villagers are being terrorised by poachers who are leaving animal corpses strewn across their streets and pavements.

In the latest incident, dozens of bloodied hares were dumped at the entrance to the community shop in Broughton, Hampshire.

The perpetrators even impaled a barn owl and kestrel on the shop’s door handles and rubbed animal blood and guts over the windows on Thursday night.

Locals believe the displays are a deeply sinister ‘message’ from the poachers to discourage them from interfering in their activities.

Other wild creatures including rabbits, pheasants, deer and birds of prey have been dumped in surrounding roads and fields in recent weeks, including a grim collection of 27 rabbits outside a primary school.

The poachers are thought to be linked to gangs who run international gambling syndicates, raking in hundreds of thousands of pounds a night.

It is believed they hunt illegally using guns and aggressive, specially-bred bull lurchers, and broadcast their activities live on Facebook, taking bets on how many animals the dogs can kill.

Mike Jelen, a conservation manager who works on estates in the area, said: ‘This is now happening twice a week.

‘It’s total anarchy and the police are doing little about it. By dumping the bodies like this, the poachers are sticking two fingers up to farmers and rural communities.’

He said farmers and landowners are ‘constantly’ trying to prevent the attacks, putting themselves at risk. Pheasant poachers recently opened fire on a farmer who confronted them.

One local farmer, whose land has been targeted repeatedly, said: ‘They are basically laughing in our faces. The horrific display they left outside our community shop is obviously meant to let us know they’re invincible.’

Broughton Community Shop said that they had reported the incident to the police, in a statement on social media.

They asked locals to share any CCTV of the area from 3am to 3.45am as they thanked them for helping them to clear the distressing scene.

They said: ‘Safe to say non(e) of us were expecting our day to start as it did here this morning at Broughton Community Shop.

‘Thank you all for popping in, messaging and phoning to make sure we are ok. We are ok. Shocked but ok.

‘Thank you again for all of your help, we are so lucky and grateful for your support and extremely quick response to help us clear up.’

They added: ‘Your fabulous shop team rallied round and got it all cleaned up. Please do continue to support your shop we are here to serve you.’

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