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Nigerian Schoolchildren in Imminent Danger

By Emily Thompson

Can you imagine sending your child to school only to find out they’ve been kidnapped by a criminal gang demanding a ransom? This is the unbelievable and devastating reality for Nigerian parents as they try to convince the government to do more to return their children and crack down on kidnapping gangs. These groups often engage in kidnapping both as a terror tactic and a source of funding through ransoms.

Gunmen who kidnapped at least 287 school children in Nigeria last Thursday have demanded a ransom of 1 billion naira ($621,848) and threatened to kill all of the students if their demands are not met, according to a CNN report.

More than 300 students were taken by armed bandits on motorcycles who stormed the LEA Primary and Secondary School in Kuriga village, in Kaduna’s Chikun district, according to police.

Some of the students were rescued but 287 of them remain with the kidnappers.

Kaduna state, which borders the Nigerian capital Abuja to the southwest, seen recurring incidents of kidnappings for ransom by bandits and has witnessed several mass abductions in recent years.

Armed men kidnapped 15 students from a boarding school in northwestern Nigeria days after the Kuriga students were abducted.

The gangs broke into the Islamic seminary in the village of Gidan Bakuso in Sokoto state on Saturday and seized 15 children, ages 8-14, from the hostel as they slept, police said.

In 2021, at least 140 students were kidnapped by armed men from a private secondary school.

The incident came just months after around 20 students from a private university in Chikun’s Kasarami village were abducted by gunmen. Five of those students were killed after a ransom deadline was not met.

According to a Bloomberg report, the kidnapping-for-ransom crisis that has long plagued Africa’s most-populous nation first made international headlines when 276 schoolgirls were seized by the jihadist group Boko Haram in the northeastern town of Chibok in 2014.

Since then, criminal gangs have turned kidnapping into a thriving industry, seizing thousands of Nigerians on rural highways and from boarding schools and hospitals in cities and villages around the country. Some main roads have become too dangerous to use and successive governments have failed to properly deal with the issue.

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