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Majority of People Don’t Trust MSM News

QUESTIONING THE TV ACTORS: You know that all the news that’s fit to print is just a cog in the never-ending government-funded propaganda machine. From local news to international commentary the bought and paid for ‘repeaters’ of the world have let down their viewers and readers, time after time. 

“Zero. They’re in it for the clicks, or to set the propaganda of the day, not for the truth,” responded one reader.

The viral quiz by GWU! confirms that the majority of the global population does not trust the mainstream media to give them accurate information.

With respondents from everywhere including American Samoa, Finland, and Nigeria, as well as Wellington, New Zealand; Jacksonville, Florida; and as far north as Nunavet, Canada; an overwhelming number (99.98%) confirmed that they in fact don’t trust their local or national mainstream media for news or truthful information.

A Tall Tale of Two Towers

THE CRATER ATE MY BABY: The majority of planet Earth doesn’t believe the official 9-11 story is very official. Above is an image of the “crash” site of Flight 93, prior to the cleanup. Yeah, we don’t see a plane either.

“It’s a significant number,” comments our GWU! Statistician, Maria Glendon. “When you hit 99.98% you’re basically saying that everybody agrees. Imagine if your chance of surviving a disease was 99.98%—nobody would take that disease seriously … I assume,” shrugs Glendon.

The quiz, which was given to a totally random group of users on the Internet (who also read GWU!), revealed that most people agree that the mainstream media is more interested in pandering to government interests and corporations than the well-being of the general public.

One respondent wrote: “I can only speak for myself, but there is zero trust left. The last few years have been an eye opener. In my small group of friends whether they are vaccinated or not there’s no trust in our media.”

One Giant Lie for Mankind

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION: GWU! readers couldn’t believe that Stanley Kubrick got snubbed at the Oscars for the Moon Landing.

The results of the poll come at a time when the government and corporate owners of mainstream media are pushing the idea that ‘misinformation’ from independent, alternative news sites is something that needs to be eliminated from the Internet through draconian United Nations controlled censorship.

Glendon explains that the call for censorship of actual truth-telling sites, such as InfoWars, Media Monarchy and GWU! is a sign that the mainstream media knows it’s no longer trusted and fears the feisty independent competition of its new alt media rivals.

Among the tens of thousand respondents, the media’s approach to the COVID pandemic, 9-11, the Moon landing, and vaccine safety were all key indicators of mistrust. In fact, despite the evidence to show how unsafe and ineffective the vaccine is, the mainstream media is still shilling it, confirmed by the majority of respondents.

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