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Report Finds U.K. Media Bias in Israel/Gaza Reporting – Stop Falling for Their Propaganda

A new report, which is the result of months of qualitative and quantitative analysis by researchers from the Centre for Media Monitoring (CFMM), has highlighted the UK media’s systematic bias in favour of Israel in its reporting on the Gaza situation. Arguably this, also shows that propaganda is still being used against the nation as an effective tool.

Propaganda which in Latin, means “to propagate” or “to sow”and in the most neutral sense, means to disseminate or promote particular ideas, has earned its bad name due to its use as a tool by repressive regimes to glorify their leaders, motivate their citizens and demonise their enemies. (source).

Put simply, “propaganda” is the term for the the “catch-all” for suspicious rhetoric and is “the deliberate, systematic attempt to shape perceptions, manipulate cognitions, and direct behavior to achieve a response that furthers the desired intent of the propagandists.”

The propagandists have been identified as “large organizations or groups” who aim “to win over the public for special interests through a massive orchestration […] and they “conceal both their purpose and lack of sound supporting reasons.” (source).
Usually though we have been able to easily identify the MSMs use of propaganda, the propagandists and the reasons behind its use.

This is particularly due to having experienced and observed the disseminated communication of lies, distortion, deceit, manipulation, mind control, and brainwashing that successfully shaped the perceptions of the masses during the Covid era and seeing usually rational people wearing facemasks and getting jabbed for a non existent virus.

Therefore, now it is remarkable that MSM still has that ability to effectively alter perceptions, but this time the biased propaganda is now it is doing a job on the individuals perception of the Israel/ Gaza situation and somehow they have convinced the masses that they are reporting truthfully for a change.

MSM however has been guilty of publishing “unverified” stories and even downright debunked lies and tropes all which are being repeated verbatim by the telly watching masses. Their reporting has been misleading and dangerous and can have grave consequences, according to Declassified UK who say that there has been a 365% increase in Islamophobic incidents in the UK since the 7th of October, with many involving people who are being targeted for their support of Palestine.

It seems absurd that the MSM are still able to skew perceptions in this way causing division and further polarisation within the nation. They have managed to convince the telly watchers that innocent people are the enemy and they are siding with those in power. WHY on earth are people allowing themselves to be lied to by still watching the telaLIEvison sets and reading the MSM newspapers?

The globalists, the warmongers and their soulless minions are the ones that benefit from propaganda which serves only to further their own agenda, certainly not the lives of the “useless eaters.” Enabling their continued use of their tool, their weapon of continued destruction, propaganda consumers are scoring own goals, batting for the wrong team and all similar analogies, meaning they are siding with the enemy!

It is not rational and neither is the advocating of the blanket bombing of innocent civilians, nor is it humane, yet some have been convinced it is.

This is as a result of the dangerous reporting. As is the MSM use of certain overly used tropes “The publishing of such content fuels the perception that opposition to Israel, especially from the Muslim community, is part of an inherent antisemitism that characterises Islamic values.” writes Hamza Ali Shah for Declassified UK. who has reported about the findings of the study below.

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