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Lockdowns Were “For the Sake of It”, Former Minister Tells Covid Inquiry

England’s leg of the inquiry was full of character assassinations, effing and jeffing and flip-flops. Anything of note was lost when the PM’s phone was mysteriously wiped. If it hadn’t been for the Lockdown Files, we probably would have never learned that masks in schools were introduced to avoid an argument with Nicola.

But in Scotland, some of the decision-makers began to loosen their tongues: officials “froze” in the face of the evidence about the virus; Sturgeon let it be known that in wanting to be the person who drove Covid out of Scotland, she entered into direct Twitter messaging with Professor Sridhar. We also learnt that Sir Gregor Smith, Scotland’s CMO, deleted his WhatsApp messages “at the end of every day” and encouraged his colleagues to do so too.

We have already written that the Welsh First Minister considered lockdowns a failed experiment and that Welsh Government ministers were using disappearing messages. But all this pales into insignificance with the latest testimonies in Wales.

In testimony, Simon Hart, the Secretary of State for Wales during the pandemic, said the different rules were brought in for the “sake of it”.

Also on the stand was the most senior special adviser to the Welsh Government, Jane Runeckles. Runeckles was a member of three WhatsApp groups: ‘Drake Spads’, ‘coronavirus legal hotline’ and a group involving Welsh Government ministers.

As a special adviser, she was responsible for 14 other special advisers who supported the First Minister and individual Welsh ministers.

From January 1st 2020 to 31 May 2022, Runeckles used her personal mobile phone to send WhatsApp messages. The KC put it to her that she was prohibited from doing so:

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