Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 14 March 2024

David Icke Invited Me to a Live Talk on Twitter Spaces About Vaccine Injuries and Promising Treatment Approaches

Last Sunday I was deeply honored to be invited by David Icke to a live talk with him on Twitter Spaces hosted by Bartcoin. The subject of the two – hour session was the injuries inflicted by the Covid jabs and promising treatment approaches. If you don’t have time or the ability to listen to the replay, below is a summary of what was spoken about. The replay is here:

David methodically explained how the entire Covid scam was pulled off by creating a problem only in the perception of the public’s mind with a coordinated media storm of deception. The supposed symptoms of “Covid” are wide and varied and can be caused by many different illnesses, particularly the yearly flu that completely disappeared in that time.  The PCR method, developed to multiply genetic material by Dr. Kary Mullis for lab research, was misused to create Covid cases with the claim that the PCR “test” can test for a viral infection. Anybody who tested positive with the PCR “test” and died within 28 days was counted as a Covid death, even when they were run over by a bus or killed by gun shots or died of any other illness. Deaths were created by using several drugs on old people to murder them. In Britain they were killed with an end of life drug, Midazolam, in combination with Morphine. Both of them are respiratory depressants making breathing difficult. In the USA patients were put on Remdesivir that caused multiple organ failures, including the kidneys. Due to kidney failure, the patients developed pulmonary edema (fluid in the lungs) making breathing impossible. Then there was a huge financial incentive for hospitals to put everyone on a respirator and designate any death as a Covid death. The entire hysteria was created to introduce the “vaccine” which has been causing massive disabilities and deaths.

I spoke about the challenges of discovering what is in the vials since the manufacturers are trying to keep this secret. There is technology in the hidden that we don’t know about and the research is left to individual scientists and medical professionals who don’t have the state of the art equipment large institutions have. Large institutions are mostly controlled by Big Pharma and/or government both of whom have no interest whatsoever to do this research. Despite these challenges, 26 teams on five continents have discovered that the vials contain Graphene Oxide, Hydrogels, toxic metals and even possibly parasites.

I detailed the massive damage Graphene Oxide does inside the body as it transcends all protective membranes such as the blood brain barrier, placental barrier and testicular barrier. It shreds cell membranes and mitochondrial membranes and causes breakage and mutation in chromosomes and DNA. It deforms the end pairs of chromosomes, the telomeres causing cells to die and general aging. It’s a massive free radical depleting the body’s master antioxidants Glutathione and Sodium Oxide Dismutase within hours. It causes massive inflammation in all tissues and it activates immune cells which it then destroys. It aggregates and grows so large that it can clog blood vessels. It causes platelets to stick together and form blood clots. In fetuses it blocks the formation of blood vessels in the heart and it retards the brain tissue development. It has detrimental effects on the nervous system and red blood cells.

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