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Vigilante drivers rebel against Wales’s hated 20mph speed limits with groups trashing more than 150 signs as fury over Labour’s ‘war on motorists’ grows

Vigilante drivers in Wales have rebelled against the introduction of new 20mph speed limits after groups trashed more than 150 signs across the country.

Protestors are fighting back against the Welsh Labour Government’s ‘war on motorists’ after First Minister Mark Drakeford lowered speed limits from 30mph to 20mph last year.

The go-slow limit change was met with huge opposition and more than 469,000 people signed a petition calling for it to be revoked – but the new law went ahead.

The Welsh Government provided £34 million to Wales’ 22 councils for new signs required to alert drivers of the speed limit.

But since September, there have been multiple reports of 20mph signs being vandalised across Wales, with one sign in Carmarthenshire having been snapped in half, while others have been sprayed in black paint to hide the 20 figures.

Carmarthenshire County Council said it was becoming ‘increasingly concerned’ after ‘a spate of incidents’ towards roadsigns – including 20mph ones.

In Gwent, councils have recorded at least 145 incidents of vandalism to 20mph signs – which became costly in some areas.

All councils said Welsh Government funding for new signs cover anticipated repair costs.

But since the law went into force, Monmouthshire Council reported 22 incidents of vandalism to its 20mph signs.

Gwent Police figures show two recorded incidents of vandalism to speed signs since September, leading to one person being arrested and charged.

The force recorded eight incidents of speed limit sign vandalism in the five years before that.

Lee Waters, the Welsh Government deputy minister behind the 20mph rollout, said latest figures show 97 per cent of motorists are complying with the reduced limit that is intended to lead to fewer traffic accidents, injuries and deaths.

However, earlier this week the minister said he would be stepping down in a fortnight and would delete his profile on social media platform X due to abuse.

Councillor Edward Thomas, the council’s cabinet member for transport, said it was a ‘serious act of vandalism’ which presented ‘a significant risk to life.’

He added: ‘The absence of warning signs could contribute to a road traffic collision.

‘Not only is the illegal removal of these signs dangerous and irresponsible to road users, but replacing these signs will come at a significant cost to the local authority – placing more strain on the public purse.’

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