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Automakers Are Feeding Your Trip Data To Insurance Companies

If data exists anywhere, Technocrats will lay claim to it. It is their right, not yours. It is their lifeblood, their existence, their reason for being; without data, they are lifeless, empty, barren. Stealing your data is no ethical or moral concern to them because they need it to figure out how to better control you for the “greater good.”

We already know that there is a Agenda-21-esque plan to get cars off the road. The Technocracy Study Course (1934) spelled it out:

The Automotive Branch of Transportation would provide a network of garages at convenient places all over the country from which automobiles could be had at any hour of the night or day. No automobiles would be privately owned. When one wished to use an automobile he would merely call at the garage, present his driver’s license, and a car of the type needed would be assigned to him. When he was through with the car he would return it either to the same garage, or to any other garage that happened to be convenient, and surrender his Energy Certificates in payment for the cost incurred while he was using it.”

The details of this cost accounting for automotive transportation are significant. The individual no longer pays for the upkeep of the car, or for its fueling or servicing. All this is done by the Automotive Branch of the Division of Transportation. In this manner a complete performance and cost record of every automotive vehicle is kept from the time it leaves the factory until the time when it is finally scrapped, and the metal that it contains is returned to the factory for re-fabrication. In this manner the exact energy cost per car-mile for the automotive transportation of the entire country is known at all times. Similar information is available on the length of life of automobiles and of tires. With such information in the hands of the research staff, it becomes very definite as to which of various designs is the superior or the inferior in terms of physical cost per car-mile.

The 1934 Technocrats planned to charge you for the time that the car wasn’t actually driving, limiting you to point A to Point B transport only. You wouldn’t want to be seen as inefficient, would you?

The Technocrat mind hasn’t changed since then. The forces of globalization have unleashed them on the earth to control every aspect of your life. — Technocracy News & Trends Editor Patrick Wood

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