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Part of London where it takes two hours to get three miles thanks to LTNs

New data has shown where in London it takes the longest to get between bus stops and where it is quicker to walk than to get on a double-decker.

Buses are taking two hours to travel less than three miles due to congestion caused by a new low-traffic neighbourhood (LTN) in south London, it has been revealed.

The Streatham Wells LTN has caused traffic jams since it was first introduced in October 2023 as part of an 18-month trial.

Lambeth Council blamed ’emergency roadworks’ when the Times first reported on the congestion in December, saying it expected conditions to improve as road users got used to the new scheme.

But after four months in operation, the gridlock is so bad it took the bus 121 minutes to travel 2.9 miles down the A23 on the western side of the LTN last week. according to Transport for London (TfL) data.

It would have been twice as quick to walk the route meant to only take 29 minutes by bus.

Long queues of cars appeared within the LTN as residents tried to exit the area and turn onto the main road.

Buses have also been rerouted to avoid the congestion.

Three-quarters of one route was diverted around the LTN during rush hour while another went straight through it.

Hundreds of LTNs have been introduced across the UK since 2020.

They’re intended to reduce air pollution and traffic as well as making roads easier to walk and cycle in areas frequently used as shortcuts by cars, vans and other vehicles.

A spokesperson for Lambeth Council said: ‘The Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, and other measures such as those in West Dulwich, been introduced to our busy London borough to make the areas safer, more sustainable and to improve the quality for life everyone living in our local neighbourhoods.’

But the schemes have caused growing controversy among drivers, leading Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to order a review into LTNs last summer.

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