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More Cash for Wind Farms Near Towns As Net Zero Shift Stretches Grid

The Government is encouraging the development of wind turbines and solar farms closer to towns and cities by implementing incentives based on proximity to consumers. The Telegraph has the story.

Renewable energy companies will be allowed to charge customers more for their power if they generate it close to where it is needed, rather than in sparsely populated parts of the country.

The scheme, to be formally announced on Tuesday by Claire Coutinho, the Energy Secretary, is designed to trigger a rush to build wind and solar infrastructure on farmland around cities.

However, the policy is also likely to prove highly controversial with environment groups because of the likely impact on treasured landscapes.

The Government will introduce zonal pricing, with generators paid different rates according to the distance between their assets and consumers.

The U.K. will be divided into about half a dozen generating zones so that onshore wind and solar farms in the Home Counties could be paid more for their power than those in Scotland, for example.

Research by Ofgem suggests that making electricity prices higher in the South East, where demand is strongest and supply weakest, would incentivise solar developers.

They would be encouraged to buy up swathes of farmland in a region stretching from London to Bristol and up to Norwich and Cambridge for solar parks and wind farms.

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