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EXPLOSIVE Evidence of Government Fraud From Former Police Officer Who is Now in Hiding.

Theresa May and 100 MPs are now not renewing their seats in Parliament due to the inquiries being made and evidence found by former police officer, Gary Waterman. Gary has exposed a “huge government fraud” surrounding the illegal practices at Companies House and the registration process. Importantly there is also irrefutable evidence that links this system to Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein, Robert Maxwell and Max Clifford according to Gary Waterman who also claims that every single tenant of the World Trade Center at the time of the collapse links to this system of fraud, as well as every single tenant of both airline companies.

Gary Waterman also says Larry Silverstein who purchased the lease for the World Trade Center in July 2001 which was the only time in the history of the World Trade Center since it had been built that it had changed management and highlights the fact that Silverstein acquired the lease for the building, and in the September 2001, as we know the building collapsed. Following the terrible disaster, reconstruction began and says Waterman, “Larry Silverstein acquired a grant that links through to the companies related to my fraud to rebuild the World Trade Center”

The Companies House registration system, is a system that’s been operating since 1844 and registers all limited public liability and LLP companies, says Gary Waterman, and “sole trade companies, sole traders do not have to register with it but they register them and they’ve been doing that been since 1844, but they have never verified any details of anyone applying for a registering a company.”

This has enabled everybody to produce, or register with false names, false addresses, false documents, false companies, which in turn creates a lack of accountability for any illegitimate or unlawful trading for those companies.

This now makes the who tax system unlawful, according to Gary, which means paid taxes into the system aids and abets criminality. Although “there’s lots more to this” Gary, “because of the system they’ve been implementing, we have unlawful weapons companies being contracted through the taxation contribution system.

“Now that means every bullet that is fired is unlawful because in criminal law the causation carries through – if you obtain money unlawfully through a criminal system and that money is used even in what you would normally call a “legal way”, it is still unlawful because the causation of illegality continues through to the end.”

Many other companies are also implicated in this fraudulent system according to Gary Waterman, these include SWIFT, Fujitsu along with the PPE scandal and Michelle Mone and others. Gary tells all in an interview he recently had with Richard Vobes shared below. There is a transcript that I have written below that for those who can’t listen to the video.

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