Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 12 March 2024

Arctic Sea Ice, Polar Bears and Great Barrier Reef Return to the Headlines in Misinformation Blitzkrieg

Over the last month, it’s been whack-a-mole time as alarmists pop no less than three poster scares of climate collapse back into the mainstream headlines. The Guardian dusted down the old ‘scientists say’ favourite that there will be ice-free summers in the Arctic “possibly” within the next decade; billionaire foundation-rewarded BBC activist Matt McGrath gave us the ever-popular “Climate change: Polar bears face starvation threat as ice melts” story, while Peter Hess for the Daily Mail and Reuters filed a pack of nonsense reporting that the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) was in grave danger of disappearing due to the Earth being on the “cusp of the worst bleaching event in history”. All very confusing given that Arctic sea ice has been recovering for over a decade and on January 8th recorded its highest level for 21 years, polar bears are thriving across the Arctic and numbers are probably at record levels, while coral on the GBR has bounced back from numerous recent natural bleaching events to hit a two-year period of record high cover.

Details, details. It seems the ice, the polar bears and the corals are far too valuable poster scares to be let go that easily. The mainstream media has been captured by a false catastrophist climate narrative that is programmed to report every click-bait doomsday science paper, every bad weather event and every biased report based on incomplete statistics and data that are open to less sensationalist interpretations. In the process, citizens are left in a state of fear about global ‘heating’ and climate ‘collapse’ – more easily pushed it would seem to accept the madness of the collectivist Net Zero project.

The latest Arctic ice scare is based on a paper published in Nature where the activist scientists used “high emissions” climate model scenarios to predict ice-free conditions in September within six years. Gullible Guardian writer Helena Horton suggests that the home of polar bears, seals and walruses could be mostly water for months as early as 2035 “due to fossil fuel emissions”. In fact, summer sea ice has shown no significant decline since 2007, as the graph below shows.

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