Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 11 March 2024

Hong Kong’s Decline into Tyranny

Unlike the frog slowly boiled in water which does not realise that anything untoward is happening, things are changing so fast in Hong Kong that people are only too aware. The slippery slope to tyranny has recently proved to be both steep and very slippery since the Mainland Chinese overlords broke their promise, made in 1997, that no significant changes would take place in the former British colony turned ‘special administrative region’ (SAR) for at least 50 years. This was the co-called ‘one country, two systems’ which would ensure political and legislative freedom for Hong Kong and the right to maintain its own international links. China’s broken promise means that a record 290,000 people left in in the first half of 2023 meaning that half a million people had left since 2021.

China, which exercises tight control over the Hong Kong Legislative Council (LegCo), moved early after the handover to increase its control over the population with the proposed Article 23 to the Hong Kong constitution seeking to implement greater state security, meaning restrictions to freedom and harsher punishments for those who criticise the state. There were massive protests in 2003, then the famous ‘umbrella movement’ protests in 2014, both of which were peaceful. However, in 2019 there were violent clashes between protesters and the police, specifically over proposals to ‘extradite’ Hong Kong dissidents to Mainland China for prosecution. The COVID-19 crisis could not have come soon enough for China as, despite it slowing down implementation of Article 23, this surely helped to keep people off the streets. A period of reflection, in the aftermath of the 2019 riots, has clearly led to renewed enthusiasm for Article 23 and the LegCo has come off the blocks with a vengeance.

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