Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 11 March 2024

Academy Awards Oscar Predictions GWU! Need to Know

It’s Oscar time in LaLa land and this is all the action you need for motivation that will get you rolling on the greatest night that nobody will be watching in Hollyweird.

Mr. Vaccine will be hosting the ‘star studded’ event sponsored by Big Pharma and the Biden administration. If you miss the opening monologue, here’s the GWU! storyboard of Kimmel’s jokes:

Leo DiCaprio likes sleeping with younger women, Ryan Gosling is hot, Emma Stone is hotter, Meryl Streep is old, but still hot, Trump is old, Trump is a criminal, Never Trump, Don’t vote for Trump, Trump started Jan 6, Trump is racist and Trump will destroy democracy—and steal your swag from backstage.

In they/them’s acceptance speech for Oppenheimer the non-binary actor will announce studio Universal’s planned sequel, Transenheimer: Dickbomb! The multi-talented and multi-gendered professional pretender will also thank the most important individual in his life, who encouraged him to follow his desire for fame and fortune, Satan.

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