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The WHO’s Public Health Colonialism

In a world where ‘equity’ is the catch-cry of corporatists accumulating unprecedented wealth, the return of colonialism should not surprise. Colonialism, after all, brings great benefits to those whom it disempowers and pillages. Success requires a highly centralised approach to achieve mass control, restricting freedom ‘for the greater good’ whilst silencing those who disagree.

With the World Health Organisation (WHO) now rebooted to promote just such approaches, and its calamitous Covid response having recently pushed former colonies further into penury, the stage is set for a return of the old order. An army of international health bureaucrats, equipping themselves with an array of rhetoric around ‘infodemics’, ‘vaccine equity’ and with a new-found love of corporate sponsorship, is forming the vanguard. The social order of winners, losers and enablers – all the stuff we naïvely thought we had put aside – was just festering in the shadows.

While European colonialism proved an excellent way to extract the wealth of others, it also had its downsides. One was the inadvertent extraction of pestilence such as cholera and typhus. While smallpox had been a devastating European export, clearing coveted lands for colonial settlement, transmission of disease in the reverse direction upset the colonisers; local laws and expectations applied and mass death and suffering could not be hidden from the public eye.

To address with this problem, 12 European countries met in 1851 for the first international sanitary conference. Most were heavily invested in the colonial enterprise, settling and pillaging other lands to demonstrate a higher form of civilisation. Some were still actively enslaving people to make this greater good even cheaper to impose. Thus, the noble field of international public health (nowadays rebranded as ‘Global Health’) was born. Regular rebranding is important as the past becomes awkward.

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