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Poppy’s “V.A.N”: One of the Most Blatant MKULTRA Videos Ever Made

In 2017, I published an article about Poppy – a YouTuber who went viral due to her bizarre short videos which appeared to conceal hidden messages. The title of the article: “That Poppy”: The YouTube Star Under Illuminati Mind Control. While, at first glance, that title seemed a bit much, it was the only accurate way of summing up the messages and symbolism peppered throughout her videos. Because, when one pieces together the narrative of these seemingly absurd and nonsensical videos, one comes to an inevitable conclusion: Poppy is an MK slave.

Whether Poppy is an actual slave or she’s only playing a role is up for debate. However, beyond the imagery, there’s something “off” about some of these videos as they hint at actual abuse suffered by Poppy. Indeed, in some videos, Poppy appears to be bruised or completely traumatized while, in others, she’s being subjected to mild forms of torture.

In my original article, I explained:

There is nothing “religious” about Poppy’s Bible reading. As she struggles to read through the Bible’s uncommon words, names and phrasings in her robotic voice, the process becomes an exercise in absurdity. As the minutes pass by and as Poppy gets tired of reading, one feels a bizarre element of voyeurism going on, as if one is watching a mild snuff film where reading the Bible for a long period of time is the torture of choice.

Following the publication of my first article about Poppy, more bizarre videos were uploaded to her channel. The last one was posted in 2022 and it is quite symbolic.

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