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Michael Jackson A Hollywood Cult and Lookout Mountain – Richard Willett Article

This is a subject that I have been researching on and off for decades, even before I dipped into conspiracy land officially and began my actual media career uncovering the subjects the mainstream media don’t even know exist, let alone go anywhere near.

As a child born in the early 80’s I was a huge Michael Jackson fan, so it disturbed me to hear all the allegations against Michael in the early part of the 1990’s. It also never made much sense as these “victims” seemed to flip on Micheal like a ticking time bomb that was slid into his life, ticking away ready to go off when the time was right.

When you find out the disturbing back ground of Michael’s 1993 accusers father Evan Chandler then the entire set up rapidly falls apart. Evan went on to produce the movie “Robin Hood Men In Tights” and clearly cared little for his son Jordan. Some research suggest that Evan may have even had connections to Jeffery Epstein and the underworld in Brooklyn New York. His knowledge of sedation as a dentist may have come in handy.

Evan Chandler was a scammer through and through. He was found dead in his apartment in 2009 with a gun shot wound to his head, the gun in his hand. This happened only four months after Michaels death.

According to Jermaine Jacksons excellent book “You Are Not Alone”. in early 1994 after spending millions of dollars trying to fix Michael and interviewing more than “150 witnesses” including all the children who had spent time at Neverland. the LAPD dropped the case and District Attorney Tom Sneddon (DS) was forced to concede the there was “no case to answer”.

So as I got older I began to uncover a mafia type group that controlled both Hollywood and the Music Industry. One name kept coming up time and time again and no-one in the mainstream (still to this day) seems to want to discuss Dave Geffen. Dave Geffen is the founder of Asylum Records as well as DreamWorks film studio which he co-founded with Hollywood film director Stephen Spielberg.

With the recent revelations by Candice Owens about P.Diddy’ (Puff Daddy) possible connections to a Kompromat ring in the music industry coming to light, and subsequent connections to the late Michael Jackson, I believe now is the time that this information has a chance to see the light of day.

Candice says she is done being threatened by the likes of Rabbi Shmuley Boteach and his daughter, so she is exposing these links. I am not sure how deep Candice believes these connections go but my research suggests this tangled web may go back to the late 1960’s, the Hippie movement, CIA and Laurel Kanyon.

Rabbi Shumely became a hanger-on to Michael Jackson in the early 2000’s and had been recording phone calls with Michael when Michael was clearly being plied with Morphine and in no fit state to be recorded (Nice Rabbi). The Rabbi then released these recordings after Michaels death as well as releasing a book transcribing many of them. Nothing says honourable Rabbi and friend better than cashing in on your dead mates unheard phone calls, recorded whilst he was in the middle of a bout of drug addiction hey!

But what do we expect from a guy who helps to flog ‘Kosher Sex’ books and toys via his daughters company ? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s not very Rabbi like is it? or is it, I don’t know!


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