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Time to Put the BBC’s Dire Football Woke-us Out of its Misery

The BBC’s Football Focus these days feels like “a slog, like homework, but with nothing to be learned by the end of it”, says the Mail‘s Simon Jordan. Quality has been sacrificed to tick ideological boxes. Isn’t it time to put it out of its misery? Here’s an excerpt.

Why is it a primary aim to select a fan – in this instance a gay West Brom supporter – seemingly based solely on his sexuality to talk about his club? When did it become a necessity to be discussing people’s sexuality on a 12 o’clock family football show and what value do the viewers get from that insight?

Then there was Dion Dublin’s interview with Erik ten Hag. He was fawning and trite and we learned nothing except the fact Dublin calls him “boss” and his wife beats him in cycling by riding an electric bike – what insight. It’s all a bit too smug, comfortable and pally-pally. I want engaging, interesting, insightful stuff, not formulaic, waffling, back-slapping bilge.

The go-to setting seems to be all about ticking boxes and meeting ideals of what we think we must have, rather than what we need to have.

I expressed my view on social media – not looking for an echo chamber because normally when I send a tweet some people reply with something derogatory – and after 1.5 million views, the response was overwhelmingly in agreement.

I’m not denying it’s important we break down certain barriers but is Football Focus the place for it?

Surely the show should be about the games, the personalities and the stars instead of endlessly talking about societal issues.

It seems the BBC no longer concerns itself with the content of the show but instead about making sure it puts certain things on screen it thinks are important in the name of balance.

Placing these societal issues into mainstream media via sport is about causes and agendas and to be blunt, virtue-signalling. There seems to be this idea that sport has to be a lightning rod for societal changes that some 25-year-old producer thinks are important.

I learned nothing watching it. I came away thinking how uninspiring and poorly chosen the content was and it’s the same feeling every time I dip into it, feeling like I’m watching an iconic show die a slow death.

The only thing seemingly propping it up is the idea that equality, diversity and inclusivity needs to pervade everything. If everything is built around the idea that you must have the correct quota of representation and by ticking certain boxes, then in the end you’ll have nothing left – and that’s what appears to be happening to Football Focus.

Tragically, a good show has been turned into a poor one “in the pursuit of some other agendas” and maybe it has run its course, Jordan suggests. “It should be about good broadcasting, good quality and the best talent, but it’s not, and sadly probably needs to be consigned to the annals of broadcasting history.”

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