Posted by Sam Fenny - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 8 March 2024

With Sweden onboard, NATO’s north is now sealed

NATO officials assured Finland and Sweden when they applied together for membership in May 2022 that their process would be the fastest in history. And, in fact, it finally has been, but nearly one year since Finland’s rapid accession in April 2023 has been nerve-wracking for the Swedish government, which had hoped the duo’s accession would be a tandem one like the application. But opposition from Turkey and Hungary meant Sweden had to accept that long delay before being allowed under NATO’s security umbrella.


Oscar Jonsson, a researcher with the Swedish Defence University, says having declared its desire to join but being stalled by would-be allies was the “worst place” for Sweden to be stranded, even temporarily.
“If you look at just recent empirics, you can see that Russia has invaded two states that it perceived to be on the way into NATO,” he told DW, referring to Georgia and Ukraine, “but zero NATO member states.”

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