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UKHSA Provides Mortality Data to Big Pharma But Not to the General Public for ‘Commercial Sensitivity Reasons’

Jenny Harries became a Dame in the 2022 New Year Honours for services to health. This was partly due to her role as Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England during the pandemic.

She went on to become the Chief Executive of the U.K. Health Security Agency (UKHSA) in 2021. This combined Public Health England and England’s NHS Test and Trace.

On Monday, Harries appeared before the Health and Social Care Committee where she was asked about the data around excess deaths.

She confirmed (around 17:15) that whilst the agency doesn’t routinely share record level mortality datasets that include vaccination dates, doses and co-morbidities, it has released anonymised, aggregate data to vaccine manufacturers. Apparently, this is for their own vaccines, to support obligations to report as part of safety surveillance.

However, Harries goes on to imply that Parliament and the public may not be able to have access to the same data provided to the vaccine manufacturers, for commercial sensitivity reasons.

We have released anonymised aggregate data to manufacturers. This is for their own vaccines to support their obligations to report to MHRA as part of the routine safety surveillance. But these data are commercially sensitive.

It’s good to know that data paid for by the taxpayer cannot be shared with the taxpayer. Data about and concerning taxpayers cannot be viewed by taxpayers, even though it is anonymised. But it has already been given to Big Pharma.

More confirmation as to whom these organisations really work for. Hint – not you.

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