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The Illusions of A Saturn Death Cult- Article and Podcast by Richard Willett

We have all heard of the term “The Original Sin” and for me personally it has always seemed an absurd, borderline on psychotic concept.

Future generations of innocent children being blamed for something someone might have done in a story from thousands of years ago that is so mixed up in Greek, Egyptian, Indian and Pagan mythology with elements lifted from Astro-theology, that any meaning or moral lesson once contained within is difficult to find.

Or more to the point, it has been kept secret by an intergeneration death cult and used to manipulate the masses for the purposes of exploitation and control for thousands of years. Thousands of years might seem a tad ridiculous but many researchers have shown that this cult does indeed go back to at least the Priests of Babylon when it morphed into being as part of a reaction to a global cataclysm.

So what was this original Sin humanity was still supposed to pay for, thousands of years later? And no it wasn’t having a bit of an apple from the naughty tree.

The answer lays with Saturn……. Why Saturn ?

The Original Sun was Saturn

Didn’t the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Babylonians and later the Romans worship Sun Deities such as Sol Invictus, Ra and Helios alongside side Moon Goddess such as Isis, Semiramis and later Mother Mary (yes they are all the same character essentially) all with their virgin born sons.

The truth appears to be that whilst on the surface these dark occultists worship the Sun we know today. In reality they were and still are worshiping the Original Sun (The Best Sun) Saturn.

This Sun is said to have ruled over earth in what they deem to be a “Golden Age” that followed a “Purple Dawn” of primordial creation.

The Harvester of Many Names

The planet Saturn was known by many names throughout the ancient world. In Ancient Egypt he was known as Osiris and at times Horus, being that the father and the son were eventually one and the same (yes it’s the Jesus/God story). In Greek mythologies he was often seen as Cronus (Kronos) and in Mesopotamia he was known as the God Kajamānu or Kayyamanu.

It is well known that the Christian holiday Christmas takes place during the Roman ritualistic festival of Saturnalia which took place over several days in honour of the God Saturn.

The Grim Reaper, Saturn, Cronus and Death all carry a Scythe and are connected to the ordering of time, as is the creator God of the Gnostics Yaldabaoth/Demiurge. The Saturn and Cronus versions of this character are particularly evil in that they are known to feast on children or “young Virgins” and it is this disturbing character trait that is behind why satanists have sacrificed children to this God for thousands of years.

This disturbing behaviour can be seen in the Biblical story of Abraham (A-Brahma) who is asked to sacrifice his beloved first born Son Isaac to the God of the Old Testament Yahweh (Cronus, Demiurge, Yaldebaoth, Saturn, Baal) . Fortunately an “angel of the lord” steps in a stops this one. The reasons for God demanding this of Abraham is as proof of his loyalty to this God, which is utter madness of course.

The same theme and characters are repeated through all the major religions and beliefs systems because as Jordan Maxwell once said “It is the greatest story ever told, but it is a story”.

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