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Migrant sticks two fingers up to the camera while being driven away after arriving in Dover – as 2024 total of new arrivals tops 3,000 already

A migrant stuck two fingers up to a camera while sitting on a coach after arriving at Dover today, as it is confirmed more than 3,000 people have now made the dangerous crossing across the English Channel in small boats so far this year.

Pictures showed a coach full of people, including young children, ready to leave Dover for transfer elsewhere less than 24 hours after 225 people arrived in the UK in five boats on Wednesday.

One man was seen grinning and sticking his fingers towards the camera, while another was seen squinting towards the photographer.

Two young children could also be seen looking out the windows as they contemplated Britain for the first time.

Border Force vessels also intercepted more migrants attempting the treacherous 21-mile wide crossing today.

It is understood that three boats with around 100-150 people have been picked up so far mid-Channel and brought into the Port of Dover in Kent despite poor, foggy conditions at sea.

The total so far this year now stands at 3,208 in 68 dinghies – an average of around 48 people in each boat.

The number is higher than running totals documented between January 1 and March 6 each year since current records began in 2018, Government data indicates, including 3,150 for last year and 2,212 in 2022, which was a record year for Channel crossings.

Nine people are tragically known to have died in the attempt this year including a seven-year old-girl who was in a boat which capsized on a canal with 16 people on board at Watten, 20 miles inland from Calais, on Sunday.

Three others were killed when they fell into the water off the coast of Cap Gris Nez on February 28. An investigation by prosecutors in Boulogne-sur-Mer is ongoing after the tragedy last Wednesday.

A total of 953 have made the crossing already this month in 20 boats.

After weeks of poor weather with storms and heavy rain and winds, the last couple of weeks have seen a significant uptick in the number of successful and failed crossings to the UK.

Last year 29,437 people made the crossing compared to a record 45,755 in 2022.

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