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Fury as budget contains no defence spending rises but pledges £26million to Prince Harry’s Invictus Games as military expert warns ‘if the armed forces are under-equipped a lot more people will become eligible for those games’

The Government has sparked fury after launching a £26million bid to host Prince Harry‘s Invictus Games in the UK while failing to increase defence spending in this year’s budget.

Jeremy Hunt has come under fire for refusing to earmark any extra money to the British Armed Forces at the same time as splashing millions of pounds to bring the veteran’s event to Birmingham in 2027.

Experts highlighted how the ‘bizarre’ plan appears to be at odds with Invictus’ aims to provide support for ex-servicemen and women and warned that members of the already cash-strapped military could be put at risk.

Lord West of Spithead, who is a former Royal Navy Admiral, told MailOnline: ‘I am absolutely amazed that the government have not increased defence spending in this budget. It is extraordinary.

‘They have said that we could soon end up in a war and that we should be prepared to fight. In that event the armed forces will be under-equipped and there will be a much greater number of those eligible for the Invictus games.’

‘Invictus is a wonderful thing and it is important to invest in our ex servicemen but I think the government have “lost the plot” as regards what is crucial for defence.’

Richard Fitzwilliams added: ‘Almost unbelievably, yesterday’s budget offered nothing for our armed forces.

‘This is despite the wars raging in Ukraine and Gaza, the crisis in the Gulf and the fact that all three services are still suffering from the cuts imposed by the so called “peace dividend”, which followed the end of the Cold War.

‘It is, however, quite extraordinary that there is one exception to this.

‘No one would deny that Harry’s creation, based on the Warrior Games in America, which helps wounded or injured servicemen and women, is a truly remarkable project.

‘What is simply amazing is that it should be funded when the three services are getting nothing, save vague promises for the future at a time of crisis.

‘The Chancellor knows perfectly well that the military is appallingly underfunded.

‘Help for Invictus means of course that money can be offered to the West Midlands.

‘It seems, however, that despite well publicised pleas from former military chiefs as well as politicians who care, Jeremy Hunt, who is the son of an Admiral, has simply ignored them, with one exception.

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