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Doctors At Top Transgender Group Knowingly Giving Kids Cancer-Linked Hormone Drugs, Leaked Emails Show

Recently leaked emails from the globe’s top transgender healthcare organization reveal its doctors are knowingly giving patients, including children, cancer-causing hormone treatments.

Journalist Michael Shellenberger’s non-profit group Environmental Progress exclusively obtained and released the documents.

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) is described as the world’s leading scientific and medical group exclusively devoted to transgender healthcare, and it even influences the UK’s NHS treatment guidelines for the trans community.

The emails also show members of the group understand the adults and children they’re dealing with often don’t understand the long-term ramifications of hormone treatments or “top” and “bottom” surgeries.

One doctor described a 16-year-old patient who ended up suffering from massive liver tumors (hepatocarcinoma) after taking medication to suppress her “menstruation and testosterone.”

The doctor wrote, “The oncologist and surgeon both have indicated that the likely offending agent(s) are the hormones.”

Despite the hormones giving the kid cancer, the doctor assured their colleagues they were still ready to chop off her breasts, writing, “We are prepared to support the patient in any way we can (e.g. top surgery when medically stable, etc).”

A different doctor responded to the first one, saying they too knew of someone developing hepatocarcinoma after taking testosterone.

“I have one transition friend/colleague who, after about eight to 10 years of [testosterone] developed hepatocarcinoma [a form of liver cancer],” the doctor wrote, adding, “To the best of my knowledge, it was linked to his hormone treatment… it was so advanced that he opted for palliative care and died a couple of months later.”

Some of the doctors admitted behind closed doors that many of their younger patients don’t fully understand the long-term reality of taking hormones and having surgeries.

For example, some of the young women wanting to become men were unaware they’d grow facial hair.

Other patients didn’t know they’d be forever infertile or unable to achieve orgasms.

WPATH President Marci Bowers admitted all current indications point toward boys who have their puberty blocked at the beginning of pubertal development being completely unable to orgasm.

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